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Jackie Brambles Show (September 18th, 1993)

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Friday Rock Show Sessions (February, 1992)

This session also produced the version of "Under My Wheels", made commercially available the CD of "Motorcycle Emptiness".

"Natwest-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds" (session)

"You Love Us"

"Slash 'n Burn"

Evening Session (May, 1994)

The Manics first outing as a three-piece recorded, as it was, with Richey hospitalised. ("Penny Royal Tea" was commercially released on a compilation LP)

"Of Walking Abortion"

"Yes"Note the "dumb humps" line, and the selective change of "fuck him" to "suck him".

"She is Suffering"

Phoenix Festival 1993 (July 17th 1993)

IMHO, one of the best Manics live performances. Full of vitriol and JDB's ad-libs. Also broadcast : "From Despair to Where", "La Tristesse Durera", "Motorcycle Emptiness".

"Drug Drug Druggy""Off with their heads!" is one of many improvisations by James.

"Slash 'n Burn"What _is_ Nicky ranting about? Extra points for JDBs "now fashion has been" and that bit about "walk on land-mines".

"Roses In the Hospital"With those infamous "to enable me to play in front of a crowd that I despise" and "BURN!" bits.

"You Love Us"/"Motown Junk"Back in those days, these were the twin ending songs. JDB manages to get in a line from "Substitute" by the Who, and changes the lyrics of YLU to "You've gone off us".

Misc Sessions

"Yourself" (session)From "The Beat", June 22nd 1993.

"From Despair to Where" (session)From "The Beat", June 1st 1993.

"La Tristesse Durera" (session)From "The Beat", June 22nd 1993.

"Butt Naked" (June 4th 1994)

Widely regarded as one of the Manics' finest half-hours. Amusing factoid : has never been repeated, and won't be until they can find a way of removing the strobe-lights, which contravene guidelines that were passed a few years later.

"Roses in the Hospital"Altogether now - "You've got ginger hair!".

"She is Suffering"This is how I first heard SiS, and the LP version disappointed me a bit. I much prefer this one, with the 'jangly' guitar.


NME Brats Awards 1995/JDB Interview The Manics scooped the "Session of the Year" award for their Evening Session of 1994 (mp3s of which are available on this page). Weeks after this interview, Richey went missing.

Phone InterviewA 32 minute 33 second phone interview between Nicky and an unknown Seattle journalist.

Radio One NewsbeatRadio One reports Richey as missing...

Talk RadioA short bit concerning Richey

"If you Tolerate this your Children Will Be Next" (parody)A hilarious (SHIT) parody of Tolerate from Radio Four's "The Now Show".

"Raw Soup" interviewBroadcast on LWT May 27/28 1993. "Crying into our fuckin'.... glasses of water".

That bypass commentThe uncontrollable gob of Nicky - "I say build some more fucking bypasses over this shithole" - from Glasto' 94.

That Billy Bragg commentFrom T in the Park 1999, a riotous performance which saw all manners of goings on, and the Manics triumphant.

Interview from "The Beat" June 22nd 1993.

Interview from "Naked City" June 2nd 1994.

Michael Stipe comment at the Kilburn National, December 12th 1992. Not big or clever.

Other Live

"Black Dog on my Shoulder" (Live) From the Cardiff International Arena in December 1998, a beautiful version of a a beautiful song.

"Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" (live)"It's a bit of a sub-Tarrantino-esque thing, really..". Great performance, and check out those audience screams during the intro!

"Everything Must Go" (live)This track, live from the first Cardiff broadcast on September 13th, was renamed as "Bobby Gould Must Go" for the occasion.

"Motorcycle Emptiness" (live) From the second Cardiff broadcast, a showcase for the impressive musical skills of JDB.

"Prologue To History" (live)"I'm gonna piss myself...". From Glasto' 1999. Brilliant.

"Repeat" (live)IMHO, the best Manics live track _ever_. Spine-tingling. Turn it up way loud! From the 12" of "La Tristesse Durera".

"Stay Beautiful" (live)Superb version that was criminally left out of the Nynex video. Crowd participation is mandatory.

"Suicide is Painless" (live)From London's Shepherds Bush Empire, December 15th 1996, Better than the studio version, IMHO. "This one's for to Sunderland.."

"You're Tender and You're Tierd" (live)A rare outing for the TimTTmY track.

"Repeat"/"Stay Beautiful" (live)From the Milton Keynes Bowl, September 18th 1993, supporting Bon Jovi. The only crap thing about this is the fade-out of the 'naughty' words.

"From Despair to Where" (live)Short but sweet, played over the end credits of "Naked City", June 2nd 1994. "Where-ere-a-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

"The Everlasting" (live)Live at the Paradiso in Amsterdamn, November 8th, 1998.

"Ready For Drowning" (live)Same as the above!

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